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Join us in 2023 for one or more of our exciting talks about immigration, migration and transgender voices. 

On June 15, hear Boston College professor Westy Egmont talk about Border Protection and Humanitarian Acceptance.

On July 20, Columbia University professor and Deputy Director of the Center for International Earth Science Information Network, Alex de Sherbinin will address Climate Migration.

And on October 12, photographer and author, Jessie Freidin will discuss his work, Are You OK? which documents trans youth and their families living in states facing dangerous anti-trans legislation

Join us in person at 7 pm at the Charlemont Federated Church or participate by viewing the live online feed -


June 15 - 

July 20 -

Thanks for Caring about Ideas!

At the Charlemont Forum, we love ideas! From demographics to the environment, Cuba to China, we want to engage the world.  To get on our list so you don't miss an event, sign up above. Have an idea for a topic or speaker? Email us at

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